An Exhibition of Photographs

Artist: Madhur Dhingra

Venue: India International Centre

Dates: November 25


 Madhur, who has been an advertising photographer for the last seven years, has dabbled in both still life and fashion photography. “Though my profession calls for taking photographs to promote industries and products, my passion has always been to capture the essence of my land and the lives of the people who inhabit India,” he admits. Man Meets God is the outcome of his extensive travels (lasting five years) inspired by the human quest to attain the knowledge of the Supreme Being. “In my own personal quest I wanted to find out the domain, where a man meets his god,” says he. The answer that he found to this question was in the interrogative – do we ever really meet our God? In this exhibition, he presents the images he captured in his lens – of the interiors of ladakh, of Kumbh in 1998, and the culmination of his search at Manikarnika in Varanasi.In his series on Ladakh,he brings you the peace seeping in the monasteries. At Kumbh,it was homosexuality prevalent among the Nagas that caught his attention. His search ends at Manikarnika,where the gruesome and horrifying sights of half burnt bodies dumped in the Ganges at the Mahashamshan, struck him."This is the culmination of all things beautiful," he observes the irony of living, or rather the end of it. Sets you thinking.